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30 labels- EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape

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This package contains 30 labels.

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Product Description

Use the EZ Line® green arrow on the label to reinforce club face is perpendicular to your target line. Hit the GREEN DOT to improve your angle of attack. Eliminate thin and topped shots forever!!

This package contains 6 sheets with 5 labels on each sheet. Total of 30 labels.

Label adheres easily to woods and irons. Easy to remove. You can hit multiple times on 1 label, record hundreds of hits with 1 package.

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2 reviews for 30 labels- EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape

  1. 5 out of 5


    The arrow on the EZ Line impact tape made me see instantly that I had my club face aiming to the left. Within minutes hitting with the impact tape on my 6 iron I was able to feel how to correctly aim my club face. This impact tape is amazingly simple to use and now makes hitting the ball at my target easy.

  2. 5 out of 5


    During my lesson, the visual aid of the tape showed where I was hitting the ball on the club. It was so helpful to have instant feedback and I was able to adjust easier. It also acts as an instant assessment during practice and triggers me to remember what I need to do.

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