Michelle Dubé – LPGA Master Professional

Designer of the EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape

Michelle Dubé is a LPGA Master Professional and joined the LPGA in 1993. A Class “A” member of the LPGA since 1998, Michelle attained the highest teaching distinction of Master Professional in 2011; a feat only 67 members of the LPGA have accomplished. Michelle has taught at Tijeras Creek Golf Club since 2001, a premier golf facility located in Southern California.  

Michelle designed the EZ Line® impact tape with a large green arrow on the bottom of the impact tape and a small dot inside a larger circle to help the golfer create the correct angle of attack when hitting the ball. This special design on the impact tape makes it easy to understand how the club properly contacts the back of the ball. 

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How to use the EZ Line® impact tape



Step 1: Attach an EZ Line® impact label to a clean, dry club face as shown. Fold any excess over the top and side of the clubhead if necessary.


Step 2: Make a swing and hit a ball. Check to see contact on impact tape. You can hit multiple times using one label.


Step 3: Use the EZ Line® Green Arrow on the label to reinforce that the club face is square (perpendicular to target line). Hit the GREEN DOT to improve your angle of attack to the ball. Eliminate the topped shot for FOREVER!

Hit the ball STRAIGHTER and gain DISTANCE.

The green arrow is used to set the clubhead to a right angle to the target line. The green dot located high in the sweetspot circle helps the golfer understand how to achieve a good angle of attack making the ball fly higher. 

Watch these 2 instructional videos explaining the benefit of using the EZ Line® designed impact labels.

LPGA pro, Michelle Dubé – “hit the green dot for solid shots”

Free Video Tips From Michelle

Learn how to hit it straighter, farther and quickly lower your scores



EZ Line® Impact Tape improved their golf game

“I hit the ball straight when I hit the green dot on the impact tape” Brett DePue

“When I hit the green dot, my ball goes really far!” Kiera Allado

“When I see the contact below the green arrow I know I need to get my weight to my left side more and leave right wrist hinged longer” Trinity Martin